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AUKOM Stufe 3 Gruppentraining - KMT

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Attendees Experienced measurement technicians with many years of professional experience in working with measurement software and CMMs. Prerequisites Certificate of AUKOM Level 2 - CMM and AUKOM GDT.Several years of professional experience in dealing with measuring software and CMMs. Learning Target This course provides comprehensive knowledge of production metrology for advanced metrologists who need to work with other departments and communicate effectively. The contents include the latest findings on: function and production-related measurement, filtering, programming, computer tomography, quality management and measurement room management. An integrated understanding of measurement tasks and influencing variables enables the experts to communicate safely with cross-departmental areas, reduce measurement uncertainties and make measurement results more reliable and comparable. Content • Basic knowledge of geometry, production engineering, CAD, reverse engineering, • Measurement program development, • Digital filtering and evaluation, • Monitoring and measurement process suitability, • Measurement uncertainty determination, • Process monitoring, • Aspects of measuring room management. Pricing includes certificate fee

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